Thursday, May 9, 2013


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People ask me all the time.  What is it like being in a large family?  What is it like being the oldest?   Do you ever get time to yourself?  Frankly I'm used to those type questions and it doesn't bother me when people ask them.   They honestly just want to know and yes, occasionally I'll get some smart alec comment like "Boy, bet you can't wait till you turn eighteen so you can move out", but that is the occasional and like I already said most people are just curious and for that reason I'm going to answer those questions.  I don't usually do those wordsy type posts so this will probably be the longest post without pictures I'll ever do.

First off  being in a large family is crazy and down right awesome at the same time.  You've probably heard that being in a big family means you always have a friend and never feel left out?  Well, its true.  With each of us having six kids to play or talk to we never feel left out  and being the oldest is something I wouldn't change if I could.  I love it.

People probably think when they see us "Yeah her kids must be perfect so that's why she has so many" Ha!  Ask any of my siblings and they would say nothing could be further from the truth.  There are days when we argue, when I have little patience for the 2 year old wanting his shoes on a certain way, for the 3 year old begging for the last sip of my Sonic drink or for the 4 year old getting into my make up.  Even though she's in the middle of four boys she's still ultimate girl.

We sometimes argue just like any other group of brothers and sisters but I guess the difference with us is that while most siblings want nothing to do with each other we WANT to spend time with each other.  There are days when I can't wait to stay up and watch a movie with my sister, or reenact Lord of the Rings with my brothers, or jump on the trampoline with the littles.  So yes even best friends get on each others nerves sometimes but they still want to be around one another.

So being in a big family has its rewards and for the last question "do I ever get any time by myself"?. Yes, a lot every night when I go to sleep....just kidding.   Yes, I do get time by myself but I'm not all that of a  by myself type person.  I'm a people person I like to be around others and have fun.

So there you go I have a crazy somewhat wacky family but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Hope I didn't bore anyone with these rambles. I hope to do a much long over due picture post soon!


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