Thursday, April 25, 2013

in the land of Narnia

Hello my name is Morgan and I have never read the Narnia Chronicles.

but I've watched the movies!
Does that count?

anyway I'm wondering if anyone has heard if another Narnia movie is supposed to be coming out?
I've heard maybe the next one might be the Magician's Nephew I'm not sure on it but all the book lovin' fans out there will be happy to know I have started the Magician's Nephew and plan to read all the rest of the books in order. 
Katie and my brothers have read all of them and keep telling me I need to .
So yesterday I picked one up and started reading and......
 it is sooo good! 
Let me tell you though Uncle Andrew is creepy.
If the are planning on making the Magicians Nephew Katie thinks Christopher Lloyd needs to be him.
We've seen him in the Pagemaster and heard him play Radagast in Disney's Anastasia and he seems to always be always playing an eccentric shall we say? So she thinks the part will be perfect for him.

All I want is for the movie to come out soon around Christmas maybe?

*My Favorite quote from the book. *

That’s all you know,” said Digory. “It’s because you’re a girl. Girls never want to know anything but gossip and rot about people getting engaged.”
“You looked exactly like your Uncle when you said that,” said Polly.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Concerning BRAVE

Mi familia and I watched this movie for the first time Thursday night.   
I liked some of it and didn't care for a lot of it.  In my personal opinion it wasn't a kid movie. The rebellion was too intense, rude behavior and a certain low cut dress made me disappointed with Pixar.

The things I did like about it were first of all the accents especially when Merida said
"Oh Ma, its just my bow".  We all sorta cracked up on that part.  The music was awesome.  Loved that Celtic sound.  I joked that Kristyn Getty was singing Merida's song Ha!  (We are die-hard Getty fans by the way) I might even buy the sound track.
(This was my favorite song by the way)

I also liked the animation. When we first put it on my Mama said " I thought this movie was animated"- yeah it was that good. (and her bright curly hair was amazing).
The part with the boys competing for her (Merida's) hand was to me the funniest part of the movie especially when one of the boys started freaking out with his bow.  Ha!

I guess my expectations for this movie were high and when I heard it was a Celtic theme it made them even higher.
All in all this isn't your cute Monster's Inc. movie destined for the kid friendly section and frankly the plot didn't appeal to me (it was a little boring).   I kind of feel like Woody on Toy Story 3 concerning my feelings for Pixar on this movie

"So this is it?  After all we've been through".......

I most likely wouldn't recommend this movie although the soundtrack is a different story.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

in spring time...

                          "Rain drenched, fresh, vital, full of life, spring enveloped all of us".

-Mildred D. Taylor, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
These flowers above are my favorite.  About three years ago a lady from church gave me one of the bulbs after I told her how nice they looked at her house.  Since then they have done wonderful and bloom every spring.

Sam loves to color, he does it all the time.  He didn't want me to take any pictures with him smiling because he was so into his picture he colored

Last Sunday I got a lot of information about our mission trip.   Dad and I still have to get our passports and he has to have a tetanus shot.  We called my doctor to see when I had mine it was less than five years ago which means I don't have to have one (Yes)!!!!  Some of the people on the trip get to work at an orphanage and I hope I'm going to be one of them.  Katie said I have to start learning songs in Spanish and her first suggestion was a veggie tales song. (?) 

One thing I have been learning is simple sentences in Spanish starting with "where is the bathroom"?


Friday, April 12, 2013


This summer I will -for the first time- be going on a mission trip. 
I will be staying eight days in Mexico in a city close to Guatemala.
Honestly I didn't even know I was going till the first of March when our leader for the trip called my dad and asked if he wanted to be the worship leader and let one of his daughters help with the music.  Since Katie (my sister)  will have just turned fifteen which is the required age to go it was decided I would go with him. 
At first we didn't know if we could raise the money it was due the first of May.  So Mama was looking around on Facebook at her friends pages who have been on mission trips before and asked what was the best way to raise money.  There were some great suggestions bake sales, host a dinner at a church and so on. 
But before we did any fundraisers though God took care of the need.
There will be a meeting that will tell us more info about the trip this Sunday afternoon -looking forward to that-.  
This is my first time going on a mission trip, my first time traveling outside the country and my first time riding on a plane.  So this will be a lot of "firsts" for me but I still can't wait to be able to have this opportunity to share the gospel outside of my own country.
Although I hopefully won't  be like Alexandra Rover off of Nim's Island.  You know the one who freaks when she is on the plane ride.?  Ha Ha just kidding
I 'll be posting more about this trip in the weeks to come. 
 picture from pinterest
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