Wednesday, April 17, 2013

in spring time...

                          "Rain drenched, fresh, vital, full of life, spring enveloped all of us".

-Mildred D. Taylor, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
These flowers above are my favorite.  About three years ago a lady from church gave me one of the bulbs after I told her how nice they looked at her house.  Since then they have done wonderful and bloom every spring.

Sam loves to color, he does it all the time.  He didn't want me to take any pictures with him smiling because he was so into his picture he colored

Last Sunday I got a lot of information about our mission trip.   Dad and I still have to get our passports and he has to have a tetanus shot.  We called my doctor to see when I had mine it was less than five years ago which means I don't have to have one (Yes)!!!!  Some of the people on the trip get to work at an orphanage and I hope I'm going to be one of them.  Katie said I have to start learning songs in Spanish and her first suggestion was a veggie tales song. (?) 

One thing I have been learning is simple sentences in Spanish starting with "where is the bathroom"?



  1. Beautiful pictures, Morgan! I especially love the flowers. =] What is the name of the flowers in the first pic?

    A VeggieTales song in Spanish would be great! I would recommend the Dance of the Cucumber *wink wink* and Jesus Love Me (of course, that's not VeggieTales, but it would be an easy one to learn!).


  2. Your photos are lovely! We have both of those flowers growing in my garden and the first have yet to bloom this year. ;) Hope your mission's trip goes well. *wink*

    Thanks for the sweet note you left in my garden walk, love. xx


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